Special EVENT

2020 "stay AT home" stream

PFF Miami is happy and proud to join hands with Embassy of Poland (and cooperation from WFDiF & Ninateka) bring you this extraordinary event in those extra ordinary times.

We are inviting you to join our online movie theatre to watch four highly acclaimed Polish masterpieces.

The event is FREE - all you need to do is to register at PFF Virtual Movie Theatre. 


2019  Edition

Thank You to all the Participants, Sponsors, Special Guests,
All our Friends, Volunteers, and first of all - You, Our Audience 
for making the 2019 Edition of Polish Film Festival so special.

Thank You And See You Again!


Andrzej Seweryn
"Godfather of PFF Miami"

“The Polish Film Festival Miami is a delightful initiative! Gorgeous site, wonderful people, friendly atmosphere, and the unforgettable sun of the Miami Beach—it’s all there. The organizers led by Eva Baker—just like last year— guarantee a program which offers a superb artistic level. Please join us! You won’t regret you did—it will be time well spent!

This form of encounter with Polish culture and Polish filmmakers makes perfect sense. Our film industry has found a new, fantastic place to present its achievements not just to Polish, but also American audience. And they are terrific, indeed!

Our Festival will grow, and its future is bright.

See you in Miami!” 

​About US

The Polish Film Festival Miami is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a platform for introducing, promoting, and nurturing achievements of contemporary Polish cinema and the art of filmmaking itself, with special consideration for the cultural diversity of the cities of Miami and Miami Beach.

It is a place to enjoy, learn, and discover. It is also a place of inclusion, acceptance, and respect.

The inaugural Festival took place in November 2018, in the heart of South Beach, at the iconic Miami Beach Cinematheque. This three-day event was met with huge interest from the Polish and American communities of world cinema fans and included members of Miami Beach Film Society, as well as movie professionals and students. Some of them traveled from cities like Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Vero Beach to attend the sold-out screenings.

The Polish Film Festival Miami is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a platform for introducing, promoting, and nurturing achievements of contemporary Polish cinema and the art of filmmaking itself.

LOT Polish Airlines is proud to be a sponsor for the Miami Polish Film Festival and is honored to be part of supporting the Polish cinema and filmmakers, as they incorporate the culture of Miami and Poland into their films.

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The O Cinema (formerly The Cinematheque) calls the historic South Beach City Hall its home and extends its welcome to the Miami Beach Film Society. Now including a screening room, bookstore/library, gallery, and café, the ​O Cinema is considered one of Miami’s premiere HD art-house cinemas.

1130 Washington Ave · Miami Beach ·  FL 33139

Maja Borowicz

The Polish Film Festival Miami is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with a fantastic cross-media artist, Maja Borowicz. Based in Poland, Maja is an accomplished artist, who has graciously offered one of her original paintings to become the official poster of PFFM 2019.

We had a great pleasure of meeting Maja at the Art Basel in Miami Beach 2018, where several of her magical, surreal paintings were presented. At this prestigious art fair, Maja received the following awards:

“Best of the Show” Spectrum Miami, USA
1st Place in the international Artavita competition, USA 

Her artwork entitled “The Last Touch, the Last Whisper” will be featured on all promotional materials of the second edition of our Festival.

“The world that I show is never consistent, lasting, or predictable. It is a world of chaos, where people are struggling with the changing reality, sometimes brushing up against the hopelessness of fate. My paintings tell a story of a certain, real society; they tell stories about people.” – Maja Borowicz

To learn more about the artist, please visit her website at www.majaborowicz.com/en/

The last whisper, the last touch


big "thank you" to all our sponsors - we appreciate you!

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